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Recuperation of Construction


Located in Montréal, Demolition Panzini is revaluating construction materials such as stone, brick, concrete and asphalt with its crushing and screening services.

Panzini Demolition takes all necessary steps to promote recuperation, recycling and recovery of residual materials from its work sites during demolition and decontamination operations. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from our high standards while maximising your investment and reducing your ecological footprint. We also offer a recycling services outside of our demolition and decontamination projects. Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide the solution for your needs!

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Recycling of Building Material - Panzini Demolition - Montréal, Québec



Panzini Demolition helps clients recycle their construction materials by using technical processes such as crushing and sifting. We bring all necessary equipment to each site in order to facilitate the recovery of material such as rock, concrete, brick or asphalt. Materials such as wood and metal can also be recovered. Rest assured we will take care of all logistics throughout this operation.

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Recycling of Building Material 2- Panzini Demolition - Montréal, Québec
Soumission - Panzini Demolition - Montréal, Québec


Thanks to Demolition Panzini, you will be able to upgrade the materials with the recycling of asphalt, stone, brick and concrete. Our management of rubble and construction debris is done with specialized and modern equipment and methods.

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