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Panzini Demolition offers a turnkey service for partial or complete structure dismantling in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. For over 60 years, the company has enjoyed a strong reputation based on its exemplary methods. Having evolved in the field, Panzini Demolition now contributes its experience and expertise in the recycling of construction material to not only exceed your expectations but to achieve sustainable development for our planet.


Evaluation & Analysis

Choosing the most effective and efficient demolition technique depends on the type of material being demolished. Our detailed analysis will help us to identify the best demolition method for your building.



Once our experts determine the appropriate demolition technique, they will submit a detailed quote which will be respected throughout the project. Rest assured it is our personal commitment to meet all your needs and budgetary constraints every step of the way, from start to finish.



Our work methods are not only safe but meet all environmental standards as well. Operating an extensive and varied fleet of equipment on each worksite, our team remains professional and conscientious to ensure all budgets and deadlines are respected.



Interior Stripping and Structure Preservation

Panzini Demolition is committed to finding unique and practical solutions for your stripping projects which can be intricate and require a high level of accuracy. We take all necessary steps to preserve the pre-existing structure and original aspect of your building.


Structure Demolition

Panzini Demolition will take charge of your projects and implement effective strategies to achieve the best results. Throughout the operations, it is important to follow all the specific steps and apply them rigorously. Every demolition project requires specific steps to be followed rigorously. When choosing our company, not only will you benefit from our professional team, but also from our extensive expertise in the field.


Partial Demolition or Expansion

We have all necessary equipment and technology at our disposal to perform selective demolitions for the expansion of your building. Our team is committed to meeting all your requirements while remaining attentive to your needs. Rest assured we will take all necessary steps to reach your objective.

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